What is viamagus platform based website?
Viamagus is a cloud-based platform which helps the startup businesses to build full-featured, highly customizable and responsive websites that work across all device screens, giving them complete access over their content with guidance. Viamagus also helps and helped so many businesses to communicate and market themselves to their customers.
Using which technology/programming language viamagus platform is developed?
ViaMagus platform is developed using Java, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript technologies.
what does your starter website consist and how much does it cost?
Our starter website is the most popular among all our startups. Viamagus was built to serve the startups on their Website, Design, Marketing and Product development needs.  
Starter Plan Includes : 
  • Responsive Website Design 
  • 5 Business Emails 
  • Hosting on Viamagus Cloud – AWS infrastructure [ Highly scabale] 
  • Access to Viamagus Dashboard for updates
  • 5 Premium stock images [ to ensure no copyright/license issues occur] 
  • Social media icons
  • SSL certificate 
Do you offer Business Emails?
Yes, we work with a couple of renowned email service providers - offering from 2 GB to 200 GB space
Can you build a responsive website?
Yes, a website built using Viamagus platform is responsive in all the devices and compatible with all the browser versions
Why Viamagus platform?
Built over 5000 + Websites across India and globe, the team comes with a rich experience to serve and suggest the right things for the client. <10 Points >
Which payment integration you provide?
We work with Razorpay, PayPal and Pay U for regular websites. For Ecommerce, we will be able to help you with more options such as HDFC, EBS etc
How many days it will take to build a website?
We love to work at a speed a startup thinks, mostly we build websites within 2 weeks after the initial brief.
How long is the website valid?
We charge annually a fee of Rs 4500 to host and support your website. Remember the website is on the best of the infrastructure and a great support team to keep it Live and Kicking!
Do you design package, stationary?
Yes, We do help a lot of startups and Corporates on Package Design / Product Design
Can you to digital Marketing once you complete my website
Yes, we offer Digital Marketing services and will be treated a separate engagement with experts in the specific domain helping you with the best
what is your support and how do I reach them?
There is a dedicated support team and ticketing system to ensure we offer the best support. Dedicated Email Ids and Contact Details are shared post go live
Can you build mobile apps along with my website
Hybrid or Native - We suggest and build world class Mobile apps
I already have a website can you redesign it?
Yes, well if you are one of them who are looking to redesign your website, we get a lot of requests to redesign and happy to help you with that. 
Do I get Business Email Id's
Yes, Business emails are free for certain usage and period and will be explained by the sales team. Depending on the usage, we help you the choose the right product.
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